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Hello and welcome to The Atlantis Maps website. This site has been established to showcase portions of a book currently in development. The title of the book, The Atlantis Maps: The Rise of Atlantis and Fall of a Paradigm, encompasses the full scope of this work, the possible discovery of Atlantis and the key role of various maps that led to and then beyond that discovery.

Discovery of Agrippa's World Map

While this work will present many new significant and intriguing findings, there is a varying scale of certainty assigned each overall claim. For instance, The Atlantis Maps details the discovery of the only known copy of Agrippa's World Map, a claim which can be made with a high degree of certainty. Aiding the argument is the fact that historians had already established both the map's existence and that medieval mappae mundi were partially based on the design. All that remained was for an individual to happen upon it, recognize it, and perform the proper evaluation.

Validating Ancient Maps of Antarctica

On the other hand, The Atlantis Maps also makes the claim that Antarctica may have been visited and charted by an ancient civilization, a claim that is substantially more difficult to prove and therefore less certain. There is absolutely no scientific or historical data available today that can remotely support such a claim, thus setting the bar very high for such a controversial theory. Society will and should demand extraordinary proof to substantiate this extraordinary claim and while many will find that the new evidence supporting this claim falls somewhere in the vicinity of extraordinary and is certain to cause some hardcore skeptics to take pause, it will require a major archaeological find before this claim makes it into the books.

Discovering Atlantis

Nevertheless, the elevated possibility of these ancient maps of Antarctica being legitimate did steer research toward identifying a culture possibly capable of charting these maps and naturally an improbable map demanded an improbable people to chart it: enter Atlantis. Aside from those that believe Atlantis only existed in Plato's imagination, current theories for a physical site tend to ignore or rewrite many of Plato's specifications. The Atlantis Maps attempts to locate the site through the strictest adherence to Plato's specifications and if the site that matches the most specifications merits the most credibility, then this newly posited site should prove to be the definitive theory. The Atlantis Maps promises incredible new findings and insights similar to those pertaining to the Antarctica maps, but the extent to which this new site rigorously meets Plato's intricate parameters will leave us asking the question, how many coincidences does it actually take to make a reality?

Discovery of a New Earth Dynamic

Yet as extreme as some of these previous claims may seem, it will surely surprise most that the boldest and seemingly most absurd claim is the one that is the most certain. The destruction that befell Atlantis demanded a cause, but the current consensus for an earth dynamic, which lies in the plate tectonics model, was not up to the task. The current array of alternative theories was far from credible and fell short as well. It was due to this lack of an alternate dynamic, that The Atlantis Maps was originally content to close with an ending which left it to the reader to ponder the precise fate of Atlantis.

However, while investigating a group of unique land features, a claim held by earth scientists was found to be in obvious error. In realizing the formations' true origin it quickly became evident that it was part of a much larger global pattern and a new earth dynamic began to emerge. At the same time key aspects of plate tectonics were unraveling, exposing the current paradigm's shortcomings and many astounding oversights. The Atlantis Maps will detail the depth and breadth of a fully realized and provable earth dynamic and reveal startling new facts and features of an earth we once thought we knew.

When Up is Down and Down is Up

The Atlantis Maps is destined to further blur the lines between myth and reality by raising perceived myths closer than ever to the brink of reality, while perceived reality sinks into the depths of modern myth and misguided science. To set things in motion, we will begin posting various chapters from The Atlantis Maps to this site. You will be able to view them in the Articles section and are encouraged to review and comment on them in our forum.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope the time you spend here proves both informative and enjoyable.



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